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The Loon-Images website is one in a series of wildlife image sites brought to you by two aspiring Canadian wildlife photographers, Bill Maynard and Michael Cummings. The genesis for our wildlife images websites was born from our desire to give back to both the photographic and conservation communities in what we believe is a simple formula. If we can help to coach up and coming wildlife photographers to better their craft and they in turn present the beauty of wildlife through their own wildlife photography to their followers that ultimately increases support for wildlife conservation. We call on all wildlife photographers to adopt a similar model, which when scaled out will go a long way towards protecting precious natural resources for future generations to enjoy.

Anyone who has ever been at a cottage or boating knows all too well the call of a loon. It stops us in our tracks reminding us to slow down our busy lives and take time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. We are fortunate to have access to a few nesting pair of loons and we make the most of those opportunities to observe their behavior both on the nest and on the water. Our favorite time of year happens mid-June which is when the chicks usually make their first appearance spending only one day on land before they take to the water. We hope our loon pictures will bring a smile to your face whether we are introducing you to their beauty for the first time or bringing back a flood of pleasant memories on the lake.

We thank all of our supporters on theĀ site as it is their positive feedback that led us to the creation of numerous species specific websites:

Michael and I both hold a similar belief that through our loon images we have a tremendous opportunity to expose people to the beauty of loons and provide education with the end goal of having them one day support much needed conservation efforts.

In keeping with that goal will be donating a portion of the proceeds from all sales to organizations that support loon conservation efforts.